Jim Fix, jimfix@reed.edu
Professor of Computer Science
Department of Mathematics, Reed College
3203 SE Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, OR 97202

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Research Interests

I’m interested in the design and analysis of algorithms and the theory of computation. My thesis work addressed the memory cache performance analysis of algorithms. Most recently I’ve been investigating
  • parallel algorithms and data structures
  • type systems for concurrent languages
I’m interested other CS topics (e.g. computer graphics, distributed key-value stores, complexity of puzzles) too. You might check out some of the senior theses I’ve advised, listed below.

Senior Theses

Follow this link for my suggestions for thesis topics.

  • Robert McCaull, Session types for a concurrent language. S2021.
  • Hrishee Shastri, Interleaved and demand-aware skip graphs. S2021.
  • Jiarong Li, Complex network comparison using graphlets. S2021.
  • Weihang Qin, Raymarching hyperbolic geometry. S2021.
  • Lucas Yong, Topological quantum computation. S2021.
  • Henry Blanchette, Purity and effect. S2020.
  • Alice McKean, The AKS primality decision algorithm. S2020.
  • Mercy Bhakta, Rendering iridescence. S2020.
  • Lilian Qi, Generating stylized renderings. S2020.
  • Meaza Abate, A translator for a concurrent language, S2018.
  • Zachary Campbell, The Hungarian algorithm and primal-dual, S2018.
  • Alisa Kwok, Algorithmic fold-and-cut origami, S2018.
  • Joewie Koh, Algorithms Delaunay triangulations, S2017.
  • Alec Kosik, Parsing with substructural logics, S2017.
  • Alex Pan, Parallel graph algorithms, S2017.
  • Barney Potter, Prize collection on hypernetworks, S2016.
  • Isabella Jorissen, Tiling the heavens of R^2, S2016
  • Jeremy Cosel, A survey of concurrent garbage collection, S2016.
  • Drew Blount, Optimization of expensive black box functions, S2015.
  • Emma Furth, Hamilton cycles on triangular grid graphs, S2014.
  • Andrew Roetker, The pi calculus and concurrency, S2014.
  • Jed Grabman, Zero-sum games, S2014.
  • Tom LaMarre, Massively parallel graphics processing units, S2014.
  • Emily Crotteau, Alignment algorithms, S2013.
  • Eddie Maldonado, Curry-Howard for classical logic, S2013.
  • Jacob Kopczynski, The computational complexity of Abalone, S2013.
  • Ivan Malison, The shortest path problem on GPUs, S2012.
  • Matthew Carlson, Euclidean embedding of network locationa, S2012.
  • Isaac Lawrence, Techniques for space-efficient text indexing, S2011.
  • Daniel Lidral-Porter, DC-based suffix array construction. S2011.
  • R. Seth Terashima, Models for peer-to-peer networks, S2010.
  • Gavin Brown, Recovering structure from stereo images, S2010.
  • Hannah E. Fouasnon, Hartigan’s method for clustering, S2010.
  • Nayram Tay-Agbozo, Image segmentation using graph cuts, S2009.
  • Cooper Francis, Model-checking concurrent systems, S2009.
  • Nicholas J. Insalata, A mosaic approach to virtual reality, S2009.
  • William Henderson, Mobile systems in the pi-calculus, S2008.
  • William Randall Henner, Ukkonen’s linear time algorithm, S2008.
  • Devin Chalmers, The computable world, S2008.
  • Seth Samuel, Algorithms for distributed consensus, S2006.
  • Max Quinn, The H-P model for protein folding, S2006.
  • Patrick Carlisle, Monads for imperative FP, S2005.
  • Duy Tran, Cache-oblivious dictionaries, S2005.
  • Alexa Mater, Lambek’s pre- and proto- groups, S2004.
  • Neil Essy, Algorithms for reconfigurable networks, S2004.
  • Brandon McPhail, NP-completeness of combinatorial puzzles, F2003.
  • John Saller, Pattern classification and machine learning, S2003.
  • Jeff Green, Optimal routing in BiChord, S2003.
  • Gavin White, Secure and verifiable election systems, S2002.
  • Rebecca Beachum Zero-knowledge proofs, S2002.
  • Dan Muldrew, A study of quantum algorithms, F2001.
  • Sam Noble, Turning images into simple line art, F2001.
  • Evan Jones, Non-chemical pheromone systems in robots, S2001.
  • Peter Folk, Qpplication-level routing, S2000.

Past Publications

Optimal Degree Distributions for Uniform Small World Rings R. Seth Terashima and James D. Fix. Submitted to Information Processing Letters, February 2011.

Greedy Routing on Augmented Ring Graphs. R. Seth Terashima and James D. Fix. On Arxiv.org as Arxiv:submit/0064945, June 2010.

Finite Presentations of Pregroups and the Identity Problem. Alexa H. Mater and James D. Fix. Appeared in FGMoL ’05.

Optimal Routing in Bidirectional Variants of Chord. James D. Fix and Jeffrey Green. Unpublished manuscript, 2004

Offline 1-Minesweeper is NP-complete. James D. Fix and Brandon McPhail. Unpublished manuscript, 2004

Set-Associative Cache Performance of Search Trees. Appeared in SODA ’03.

Cache Performance Analysis of Algorithms. Ph. D. dissertation. University of Washington, 2002.

Cache Performance Analysis of Traversals and Random Accesses. Richard E. Ladner, James D. Fix and Anthony LaMarca. Appeared in SODA ’99.

Multiresolution Banded Refinement to Accelerate Surface Reconstruction from Polygons. James D. Fix and Richard E. Ladner. Appeared in Computational Geometry ’98. Also in Journal of Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications.

Combinatorial Optimization through Multiresolution Analysis. Submitted for my General Examination, 1996.

Sorting by Parallel Insertion on a One-Dimensional Sub-Bus Array. James D. Fix and Richard E. Ladner. Appeared in IEEE Transactions on Computers.

Optimal Sorting on a One-dimensional Sub-bus Array. James D. Fix and Richard E. Ladner. Appeared in SODA ’95.